EdgeBreaker® 5000

The EdgeBreaker® 5000 is built tough – this is necessary when it needs to easily remove slag caused by flame cutting.

Against the brute force of the EdgeBreaker® 5000 bottom deburring machine, slag doesn’t stand a chance anymore! With the help of the powerful pins, slag and burrs created via flame, plasma or oxyfuel cutting can now be automatically removed. The EdgeBreaker® 5000 complements the automatic deburring process of plasma and oxyfuel cut parts. Additionally, your costs for the following deburring and edge rounding processes will be reduced as well!


  • No turning over of parts
    The slag is removed from the underside of the part. Avoid having to turn over heavy parts!
  • Reliability
    The slag removal is now more reliable than ever before. This safeguards the entire deburring process.
  • Quick changing of the grinding media
    All media is easily changeable due to the quick change system, which therefore lowers your downtime.
  • User-friendly
    The touchscreen HMI is truly intuitive. This feature enables even new operators to quickly and easily setup the machine. It can even give you guidance on operating and maintenance. For efficient processing and minimal operator error.
  • Automatic calibration
    It is key to always know the remaining length of the media. This is crucial to optaining consistent high quality processing results.

Technical Data
Processing: one-sided, from the bottom
Material thickness: 2 – 100 mm (0.07″ – 4″)
Max. passageway width: 1300 mm (51″)
Machine wight: approx. 2,600 kg (5,700 lbs)
Dimensions: 2900 x 1500 x 2200 mm (114″ x 60″ x 86″)