EdgeBreaker® 3000

Especially when cutting with a fiber laser, the EdgeBreaker® 3000 is able to remove the hard-adhering burrs and splatters while also providing a high quality edge rounding result. This machine allows you to both deburr and edge round, double-sided in just one pass.

The EdgeBreaker® 3000 delivers 100% more power in terms of deburring and edge rounding, e.g. after cutting via a fiber laser. Even with stronger burrs and splatters on the surface, the deburring and edge rounding units work with high processing reliability. Everything is efficiently processed double-sided, in just a single pass.


  • Processing in just a single pass
    The EdgeBreaker® 3000 processes punched and laser-cut parts in just one single pass. You are able to save up to 50% of the time compared to working with a single-sided solution.
  • 100% more power
    The EdgeBreaker® 3000 is uniquely powerful due to a higher number of deburring and edge rounding tools (e.g. for laser-cut parts via a fiber laser).
  • Quick change of abrasive media
    The EdgeBreaker® 3000 was designed with the goal of keeping downtime to a minimum. All abrasive media of the various processing units can easily be changed, and the inside of the machine is purposefully accessible for faster routine cleanings and maintenance.
  • User-friendly
    The touchscreen HMI is truly intuitive. This feature enables even new operators to quickly and easily setup the machine. It can even give you guidance on operating and maintenance. For efficient processing and minimal operator error.
  • Automatic calibration / media wear compensation
    For consistent results, it’s important to know the remaining length of the abrasive media. This is crucial to producing repeatable, high-quality parts. The EdgeBreaker® 3000 measures the remaining length of the abrasive media and automatically compensates for the wear, further minimizing operator error.

Technical Data.
Processing: double-sided, dry
Material thickness: 0.8 – 80 mm (0.03″ – 3.15″)
Max. working width: 1300 mm (51″)
Weight: approx. 5,600 kg (12,300 lbs)
Dimensions: 2900 x 2500 x 2200 mm (114″ x 98″ x 87″)