Model 7000 – Bevel-Mill Plate Beveler


Heck Model 7000 Plate Beveler:
The Model 7000 Bevel-Mill® Hand Held Beveling Machine is the most effective tool for creating bevels and chamfers on materials like mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

  • Eliminates slow grinding, fumes, heat, smoke, and vibration
  • Ideal for weld preparation, it can create uniform bevels at angles from 15-45° using durable, indexable carbide inserts
  • Supports itself to reduce operator fatigue, works on thin plates, has an adjustable depth of cut, and can be inverted for lower edges
  • Handles rounds and pipes over 6” and can create radius edges. Call us today for a demo to improve your production process
  • 3/8” Maximum Bevel
  • Adjustable Angle from 15-45°
  • Faster feed rates
  • Uses 1/2 HP 110v motor
  • Uses 1/2″ square carbide inserts
  • Made in The USA