Standard Industrial Presses

Standard Industrial is American made. Choose between a Four Column Press, C-Frame Press, or a Straight Side Press.

  • Four Column Presses come in 17 dimensions of the Model AP. AP model is a veridical, down acting direct hydraulic press with a guided platen powered by a heavy duty machine tool quality hydraulic center
  • CC-C Frame is available in tonnages from 35 up to 300 tons. This is ideal for work including forming, punching, drawing, and more. The CC-C frame will satisfy most customer requirements!
  • DC-C Frame has been specifically designed to handle any application that comes its way. The DC-C frame is great when it comes to applications requiring off-center and center-loads and un-even and even tonnages across the bed. This model is available in tonnages ranging from 40 to 600 tons and can be utilized for metalworking, plastics, fabrics and more!
  • Straight Side press is ideal for full length forming at full tonnage as well as left to right and off-center loading at full tonnage. Choose from Standard’s three models – AM, CM, or DC SS

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