Peddi XDM-630

With the ability to be utilized as a primary fabrication system in a small to medium shop or to supplement a large shop, profiles up to 24″ (630 mm) wide are processed with no stop in production.

  • High Speed 4-Axis Carbide Drilling
  • Slot and Cope Milling Functions
  • Nonstop Throughput with Roller Feed Measurement
  • Sturdy Drill and Saw Clamping to Eliminate Vibration
  • Seamless Parts Handling Conveyor System
  • Band Saw Carriage System with Straight and Miter Cutting
  • Speed Sawing Technology
  • Protective Safety Guarding
  • Raptor 3D CAD/CAM Software


Peddinghaus has successfully fused drilling, sawing and coping operations into a single fabrication center. By combining a high-speed drill line with a double miter cut band saw, the Peddi XDM-630 CNC drill saw line executes in harmony.