Ring of Fire

What makes the Ring of Fire perfect for fabricators is it’s advanced 360º approach to cutting sections. This machine not only acts as a superior coping machine, but it can take the place of a drill line, band saw and angle line. With the additional marking on 4 sides of the profile, the Ring of Fire becomes a true powerhouse.

  • One Machine for All Processes
  • The Most Versatile Plasma Cutting
  • Integrated Layout Marking
  • Nonstop Throughput with Roller Feed Measurement
  • Raptor 3D CAD/CAM Software


The Ring of Fire thermal cutting machine is a true one-stop-shop machine capable of processing all structural shapes. With the ability to process plate, flat stock, square tubing, angle, beams and channel, the Ring of Fire can go from fabricating columns and floor beams straight to clip angles and other detail parts in a single pass.