Detail components make up the smallest tonnage of any fabricators’ workload, but consistently demand the highest amount of labor. Serving as the industry’s benchmark for productivity and accuracy, the Anglemaster-663 angle line caters to today’s fabricators’ need to automate punching, nibbling, shearing and marking for angle and flat bar.

  • 6 Punches for Tooliing Capacity
  • Powerful Shearing
  • Signoscript Carbide Scribing
  • SignoMat Part Stamping
  • Nonstop Throughput with Roller Feed Technology
  • Lubrication System Prolongs Tool Life
  • Infeed and Outfeed Material Handling
  • Raptor 3D CAD/CAM Software


The Roller Feed drive and measurement system from Peddinghaus has been redesigned to improve accuracy even greater than before. By positioning two encoders on the machine, steel can pass through piece after piece with no stop in production. This innovative patented Roller Feed is designed to flex with the material in order to ensure a constant roll and an accurate measurement given deviations in material, maximizing contact with long parts.