Ocean Clipper II

The Clipper II is designed for the structural steel fabricator to eliminate costly layout and manual hole making procedures and to  fabricate profiles in less time. By expediting processing times through elimination of human labor, fabricators achieve greater profits while greatly increasing their tonnage-per-month and tonnage-per-employee outputs. 

  • Pinch Roller Infeed
  • Interchangeable Punch & Die C-Frame
  • Unist Lubrication System
  • SignoScript Part Marking
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Easy to Use Touchscreen Interface`


Thanks to its unique design, the Clipper II is absolutely the most compact CNC Angle Line available, thus freeing up valuable floor space.

The small footprint required and the low cost of the machine have resulted in the Ocean CLIPPER II Series being the fastest selling angle line in the world, and has made it possible for even the smallest fabricators to have their own automated angle production. Some of our CLIPPER II customers have fewer than five shop floor employees.